Dating wedding photography

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The photos from our wedding turned out better than I could’ve imagined! We had no clue what we were doing but they told us exactly what to do, and captured the most amazing shots.Super friendly, engaging, and professional – they are amazing! We had AL Weddings photograph and Video our wedding day.We are expecting 250 guests i.e 200 adults and 50 children .And also there will be a table place set for you at the reception , so you don’t need to bring your own food but it will be nice if you can just give me an hint of what kind of food you want us to arrange for you i.e if you are vegetarian or eat all kind of foods .

Will be expecting to read back from you with the details I have asked for thanks so much and God bless.

We believe that love should be lively, it should be fun, it should make you laugh, and be full of joy. Couples who have so much fun together, they never want it to stop, so they get married. We’re talking about the Chip-and-Joanna-Will-and-Jada-Ross-And-Rachel (Err… But we instantly fell for these two, hired them and we quickly considered them friends. They photographed our engagement and wedding and made us feel so comfortable and better yet – made us look good!

) We live and breathe for the incredible stories of joyful people coming together in love and becoming two people who are equally as cool as each other. We were very nervous about getting our photos taken.

Regards, [REMOVED] If you were gullible and took the bait, here’s how the rest of the con would play out: After receiving a substantial cashiers check that mysteriously exceeds what your asking price was — a check that appears to be guaranteed by a bank (i.e.

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