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With your help, I learned to identify the kind of men that were right from me and to stay away from those who early on showed signs that they werent ready for a relationship.You also helped me clarify my dating goals and come up with characteristics of what Im looking for in a potential partner.'Dating After Divorce, to Married to an Amazing Guy' Dear Kat, Thank you for all the pointers and advice youve given me.

She helped me know what to say, and what not to say, how to read the signs, and how to proceed with the relationship without messing things up like I had done in the past. 'Finally Screening Out the Bad Boys' Hi Kat, hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Kat, your coaching has been incredible and you have provided me with the tools and confidence I needed to get out there and be everything I can be in dating.Its really hard to find the right partner in life, and its important to figure it out quickly if someone is compatible upon commencement of dating.And you have provided me the tools on HOW to identify the right life partner. Dana, 42 Cookstown, Ontario Now in a serious relationship 'Shy Girl Finds Love' Dear Kat, You've been a really big help to me.Jacklynn Little, 40 Purchasing Specialist Markham, Ont., I just wanted to thank you for being so easy to relate to and for teaching me techniques that will not only help me in finding a suitable partner but can also be applied to other aspects of life.

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