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– Gendry, the character he plays in Game of Thrones, will end the show having slain the Night King, wrestled all three dragons into submission, and ruling over the Seven Kingdoms with his consort Jon Snow. Only a few thousand people in the world know how the biggest show in TV history will ultimately go down, and although one of those people happens to be sitting opposite me in the pub, I’m not going to ask what happens, and he wouldn’t tell me if I did. ’” No spoilers indeed – although this does somewhat limit our season eight discussion.

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“I’ve got a problem: I’m addicted to buying and looking at old football shirts.” The craze dates back to 15, when a friend began wearing “these gorgeous mid-1980s Liverpool shirts.” He directed Dempsie to the website uk, and the actor’s collection has been growing ever since.“It sounds like an exaggeration, but the next day you couldn’t walk down the street without people saying something or stopping you.For three years after that, life was pretty intense.A man who not only buys his round – admittedly we’re on softies, but still – but returns from the bar with a bowl of nuts.When fellow cast members gush about how much they love Joe, it’s because they really do love Joe.

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