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Married to the American actor and writer John Krasinski – the Martin Freeman-equivalent in the American version of The Office – with a new baby daughter, the 31-year-old now counts George Clooney among her closest friends.Her wedding was at Clooney’s Lake Como retreat and the week before we meet she and Krasinski were pictured dining with him and Amal Alamuddin, now his fiancée. well, not chaos, but like everyone else in the morning with a small baby. “I’m trying the whole eye-rolling gluten-free thing – it makes me feel really energetic.” Friendly and relaxed, she still seems and sounds very English, despite having lived in California for several years now.A few years ago Emily Blunt said that she would rather do badly paid theatre for the rest of her life than ever accept a role “as a spear carrier in a Tom Cruise movie”.

“He commits so hard to playing this character who is quite useless in the beginning. Not to sound irreverent, because I take it so seriously and I love what I do – but it’s never been everything to me. I’m more of a daydreamer than a decisive person.” Growing up in London, the second of four children, Blunt had a terrible stutter and a teacher recommended that she try acting as a way of “removing me from me.In fact, the couple, who wed in 2010 and have two daughters together, seem more in love than ever.Krasinski, 39, and Blunt, 35, each other's biggest fans and aren't shy about expressing their admiration for each other, even while keeping their relationship mostly private.I just give him s— all the time and he gets beaten up every day – by a chick.” Blunt still marvels at her success. The chances were so mega-slim.” She never set out to become an actress. It’s something I have a big love affair with but it doesn’t consume me to the point where it’s all I am.” Unlike many actors, Blunt doesn’t harbour dreams of directing one day. It was the most intuitive thing, and he was right: the only way I could speak fluently was to be someone else.” Until then she had been quite lonely.“It alienates you in some ways if you have trouble communicating.

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