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The female characters are generally better developed, but even then most of them are pretty interchangeable apart from their one character trait (childhood friend, soccer, rich, ect.).

I just wish some of the characters left more of an impact because by the end I only really enjoyed one character (the genius girl) because she kinda sorta had a personality.

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This setup has a couple of advantages over a normal manga, namely that no girl feels marginalized and everyone ends up with a quick 8-10 chapter plot that concludes nicely.

Kouichi and Mao are childhood friends, but as they enter High School, they become more and more distant.

And as Mao becomes more popular and beautiful, Kouichi wishes he could be popular too, and eventually get a girlfriend. So like the other comments here have said, this manga takes things a little differently by focusing on a different girl in every volume.

The male lead is like a blank slate which is then decorated by the amazing personalities of the girls he meets. With every new volume, you fall in love with a new girl.

All in all, i say that this is a very sweet romance manga.

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