Dr laura divorce dating

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The problem with exposing kids to sex has far more to do with trivialization and objectification than simply encouraging kids to do it.It has to do with what kids are taught about human connection. When a woman dresses provocatively, it basically tells the universe that it is the best she has to offer.It is really hard for those older kids to not feel excluded from the new family. Laura is the shock jock version of the medical talk shows.Especially if they leave for visitation with the other parent. She is abrasive, arrogant and controversial BECAUSE it sells radio. Rush, would that give you a better idea what to expect? Laura often speaks on her show about divorced and single women or men not dating or getting married until kids are all grown.Do you want it to be you or their buddies and the media? It's possible to date as a single mom and not expose your kids to a rotating door of men. I've encountered this kind of thinking from other sources too. Your only worth is what you sacrifice for your child.Oh, and your kid will be a special snowflake because you spend all your time and energy catering to them. You're a selfish slut who is putting your child's needs last and your own desires first.

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Be very careful about getting remarried and having more children if you have older kids.

Date, marry, whatever but kids are abused, neglected and damaged by the FALSE idea that you just need to get some man into the house cos "kids need a dad".

This kind of mentality encourages women to rush into relationships, let their guard down around these new boyfriends who are statistically more likely to abuse their kids.

There's no ONE set of rules that will work for everyone, so why do we act like there is? Doctor Laura is wrong (and an eejit) but so are you!

When you divorce, your child does NOT need a New Dad.

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