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Jim Craig (Robert Milli) begins treating a young woman named "Clara Benari," whose illness seems to be psychosomatic — her physical symptoms stem from some unstated mental conflict.Clara, who is assumed to be Italian American, begins working as Jim's receptionist.I walked back in the kitchen and the puddle was bigger. I usually forget it after a few minutes of being awake. Then I saw the dirty brown liquid spray from a crack in the oven. On phone numbers: contrast the Marvelette's 1962 hit (written by Marvin Gaye) "Beechwood 4-5789" with Wilson Pickett's 1966 hit (written Eddie Floyd and Steve Cropper) titled "634-5789". When I moved from Austin (512) to Pittsburgh (312) with my cell phone, I discovered the flip side of the "very distant cities have similar area codes to reduce confusion" thing.

Sadie acts mainly as a confidante for troubled heroine Anna Wolek (Doris Belack) but makes several passing references to a daughter that she vaguely says is "lost to her." Anna and the rest of the Woleks assume that Sadie's daughter Carla is dead.

Very quickly, Clara begins dating black American resident physician Price Trainor (Peter De Anda).

ABC received several angry letters decrying the portrayal of a black man dating a white woman.

There’s a stand at the street market in Waterlooplein that sells old postcards. And there is no separate page for Jenny Reingrüber, but she is listed on the page for that surname as "Jenny Reingruber (1881–nach 1902), österreichische Theaterschauspielerin," sc. David θ15: Long ago there was a picture of a pornstar who had been linked to a member of the British royal family, and the headline next to it said "Student Sets Teacher On Fire!

Sometimes what a person finds there is a delightful, insoluble mystery. (Front) (Back) The linked picture reminds me of the results of my cousin's wedding photo booth. Schönbrunner Strasse is a bit southwest of downtown Vienna; probably more suburban at the time. The fact that their names are printed in the photo suggests that the photo is a publicity shot of some kind. 1906), who were both actors and directors, so we may be seeing Willy's father (grandfather? " A friend clipped it, omitting the real headline about the pornstar and the real story about the malevolent pyromaniac student. Yes, area codes originally had either a '1' or a '0' in the middle. (Warning: Old telco guy geeking about old times below.) North American Numbering Plan Telco notation - X is any digit 0-9 - N is any digit 2-9 (which had letters on them) - Y is 0 or 1 Long-distance dialing originally used numbers of the form 1-NYX-NNX-XXXX, and the area codes for big places got faster-to-dial codes with small digits and Y=1; places with smaller populations got stuck with bigger digits and Y=0, and N11 codes were special.

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