Economics of dating relationships Naked wabeno wi girls

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There are only so many varieties of chest size, heights, weights, facial structures, symmetries, hair colors, eye colors, etc.

Granted, all of the components of our superficial selves when considered together does allow for an exponential (yet finite) variety of possible combinations. We hear it in (frustrating) idiom constantly: “There are many fish in the sea.” Thanks, Person Using This Trite Metaphor Because He Or She Is Really Disinterested In Your Problems/Parents.

(Gross.) If you are wanting a man or a woman, his or her substitute will be another man or woman.

There will be other instances in this blog where the subject is explained further.

However, also understand that I do aim to restrict economic discussion to what would be relevant to a theory of dating and building relationships.

More realistically, you might think of a desktop computer being substitutable for a laptop, rather than just thinking of one brand name being substitutable for another.

The point about substitutability involves thinking about price and value.

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