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In another scoop, you II also find reviews ol the first two C032 games - 10 find oul haw we rated Ihem.

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Incredibly, it look josi sli monrhs to produce the machine Irarn scratch, and we've got the inside sicry on how it was done.

TRANSPARENCY ADAPTOR £5 89 DOCUMENT FEEDER " ' Automatic 50-sheel document feeder for the GT-6500 and GT-B000 scanners. .£399 Ab DO MEMORY CARD ■ 1MB RAM with bartery backed clock A600 1MB RAM .£39.95 PCS01 NEfl ORY CARD Our RAM board is designed especially for the A500 computer and comes with 1MB of RAM onboard to expond your memory to 2MB of chip RAM [fits in the trap-door).

PC 501 MEMORY CARD ,.,..£35.95 LSri B RAM BOARD Fully supports 1 MB of chip RAM and is fully compatible with Fatter Agnus [requires Kiekstart 1 .3 and above, not compatible with A500 . HHMMMi ..£85 iri B WITH THRU'PORT Expand your ASOO's memory up 1o a total of 2MB withoul disposing of your existing 512K upgrade (works with 1M& chip RAM r 5K RAM must be A chip type or not exceeding 9cm in length.

■• 1 available on: " An- fla and PC 4 CWtpa fl pl Bj , ;'"■* MCQA rmr Nmumi mammy 640k, High Danny Da* Dnva required Support* Ad Le' u Bound Blasle* and Roland Sound Cafdj) BE «afl - fr-- — J THE WORLD'S LEADING WORD GAME Whather ytti-ta a *'-iard with wonfe f H to.- ■Ky Kpf Kifie *!

h a £, yuu'll towa r Wa magnal f Saca a* p FOgrafr Mnina hom U 3. Ch^Aeflga up io i Itiends or ta*e cm 1he migtfi or Ine compuli* SOUS 1 2 ski H levels Id last seasoned pco 5 or ov t N 0*fc i am) you are desperately neod«3 by Alliance. Eipenancri t rualism ol prjlygijn gnaphics 1 M capped special e Hacts aiypu Hy deadly TIE Fghkr:. B* swep S alcng try The mitsu M sawe and dijpilzed Saw Wai i mow sound emtcts A; : lion ol 5pat» «W*H' : . EPSON GT-6500 ;ihc softwme) ...£799 EPSON GT-fi ODD Power is official distributor far Epson High resolution 244jit colour flatbed scan- ning from Epson.

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