Error when updating ps3 help

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You will need to contact your ISP for help with your Internet connection.

You’ll get this error when your PS3 can’t detect an Internet Connection.

PS3 error 80010514 occurs when your console is having trouble reading discs.

In other words you get no response when you insert the disc and you get the error message 80010514. Is the disc that you’re trying to use clean or does it have any scratches or any other kind of damage?

It simply means that the Play Station Network is down.

The solution is to wait for the Network to come back up, so you’ll need to connect to the Network at a later time.

You may also want to re-check your network settings.

Some of the reasons for this may be due to the input of incorrect information during the set up of your network connection, or it may be a temporary fault with the internet connection.

If your using wireless connection, this could be due to a weak signal.

The easiest way to confirm whether the disk is the problem or whether the problem lies with the console is to try a different disc.

If you’re experiencing the same the problem with all your discs then click here for some troubleshooting solutions for when your PS3 wont read discs.

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