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If someone has social anxiety, it is their (and only their) choice as to whether or not they work to deal with this and at what pace they do so. For a partner who really thrives in larger social situations, this may present a challenge.But with conversation, understanding, and compromise, it's totally manageable.Others are in it for the long haul, seeking extreme dating relationships by sifting out suitable partners.Many of our candidates are on the lookout for a much more fulfilling partnership.In more extreme cases, where a person is so introverted that they are constantly struggling to assert and express themselves, even getting to the point where you are actually in a relationship with them and are aware of their feelings about you could end up being an uphill battle."If an introvert doesn’t ask you out because they’re too [consumed] by their introversion and risking rejection in what they may perceive as the spotlight, the relationship will stall," warns Masini.And though none of these red flags definitely mean that things are doomed to fail, it's important to be somewhat realistic when it comes to managing your expectations.

Extreme dating online is an area of matchmaking that is growing in popularity all the time.

But even though this is often not the case, it can be a source of drama."For instance, if your family thinks your introverted partner doesn’t like them because they never join family rituals or make conversation or extend themselves for family, this can create a relationship problem," says Masini.

when it comes to work, family and friends — is going to pose a real challenge for an introvert," says Masini, "Especially [for extreme introverts] who would rather not be involved in those activities because they involve so much being out there."The truth is that, sometimes, regardless of how much you love someone, there is a fundamental compatibility issue.

While some of us can't keep our mouths shut to save our lives and find nothing more delightful than being the center of attention, our quieter, more introverted counterparts often balk at the idea of having to be in the company of more than a few people at a time.

While there is most definitely nothing wrong with dating someone who's more introverted, or vice versa, depending on what you're looking for in a relationship, it's a good idea to keep an eye out for red flags when dating an introvert that could spell trouble. I've always respected the observant, thoughtful, and somewhat delicate way more reserved people express themselves.

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