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" The bottom line: get creative with your come-on and do your homework.a backhanded compliment that will elicit eye rolling.It really is essential to measure and choose your Tinder words carefully.want," she suggests, replacing this type of statement with something more positive, like, "I connect best with independent men who have been raised by good mothers but who don't still live with them." Notice the pattern about what you should say on Tinder leans towards more positive comments and focuses on things related to you.

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It's all about being interesting and unique, without giving away too much.

Chances of a positive reply or any reply to this advance are quite low." you're a politics nerd/quiz champion/marketing guru??

' This takes the compliment from frat-like to adult and also shows you read the profile!

We will assume you're either sending this same boring message to everyone (lazy), you haven't taken the time to read our profile (lazier), and that any resulting convo will be like pulling teeth (laziest).

Turn the engagement volume up on that with something like this: 'Hello from the beach in Malibu, I'm taking a surf break, what are you up to?

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