Freshman senior highschool dating

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I'm sure that opinions on this forum vary, so it would be interesting to hear each side back up their opinion. When I was a senior, I got along with some freshmen. There are some people that think it's such a bad thing for seniors to date freshmen.I just don't understand why people automatically assume older=bad. Or a freshman dating a weed-smoking freshman that doesn't care about school and will drop out when he turns 16. If a 37 year old is trying to date a freshman, I could understand people thinking that's wrong. The age gap is not extreme as some people make it sound. There are other people that think there's nothing wrong with seniors dating freshmen.That's essentially a 2 year age gap, despite a 3 year grade difference. Why do people assume the senior would want to have sex? She was a bit older for her grade and I was on the young side (didn't turn 18 till after graduating high school).The issue isn't the physical age gap but the mental age gap.

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The lack of responses leads me to believe people don't fully understand the question. Does this happen frequently I don't think so but anything is possible. Yes, there are those who successfully date others with all kinds of differences.Finally, he might see it freshman senior dating making up for the time in his life when he freshman senior dating as popular with girls.Freshman senior dating if you don't have a girl or time hairy escort women mind, still give us a call. We understand that many men are weary north alabama escorts the process, so we make it as smooth and worry free as possible.Freshmen see it as a power up, Seniors see it as an act of mentoring or whatever. Today, thanks to the online world, we can look to another over the Internet without spending a dime Regarding singles free online dating sites provide the appropriate piece of equipment for such connections.

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