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She goes to meet a friend who has recently had a baby.Their interaction is pleasant enough on the surface, but the gentle air kisses they coolly exchange across the coffee shop table are very telling.

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Hannah cries on the way home and gets ready for another "swipe right date" that you get the impression she doesn’t really want to go on. A couple of them are awful (one guy shouts at her for wasting his time before storming out of a public park, another sexually assaults her outside the bar toilets) and one turns out to be promising but not necessarily the type of relationship Hannah is looking for at the time.Gemma Styles was born in Evesham, Worcestershire, England to Des Styles and Anne Cox on December 3, 1990. Styles and Cox divorced when Gemma was ten years old. While growing up, Gemma lived in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, England, and attended Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School with Harry.Gemma received a First Class Honors Degree and a Qualified Teacher Status in Genetics at Sheffield Hallam University.Despite our objective understanding as an audience that Hannah can do whatever she wants, with whoever she wants, whenever she feels ready, woven into the almost mechanical function of online dating is the endgame: having children. But is it something that Hannah feels she should be working towards anyway?It's a pressure that Hannah's acutely aware of and Hannah’s mother, who is desperate for grandchildren, isn’t shy about reminding her that the fertility clock is ticking. I think we all feel the answer to that one in our ovaries.

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