Gender representation in television commercials updating an update

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Strategic communication is the effort to create mutually beneficial relationships between an organization and it’s publics.

Therefore, it’s crucial that public relations professionals understand the complexity and diversity of it’s clients public.

In 2015, social media users showed their anger at the complete lack of non-white actors nominated in the four main acting categories.

The hashtag #Oscars So White started trending before the ceremony even began.

In this way, we start to see the creation of counter-public spheres on social media sites.

The public sphere is the space in which individuals can discuss problems within a community and work towards social change.

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gender representation in television commercials updating an update-49

Take for example this series of commercials about the derogatory use of the word gay.

Subordinate groups are able to use social media platforms and multiscreening to meet away from the dominant group and discuss issues with like-minded people.

Multiculturalism is a huge consideration in the world of public relations.

There are many PSAs that are created from the efforts of social justice organizations.

A public service announcement is an ad that is sponsored by non-profit organizations and/governmental agencies.

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