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Blige and rock classics by the Allman Brothers and the Velvet Underground.

She sings along with West: “All my ladies say — good music, good music! I had never seen music like that before.”On her new album, Marshall played all the instruments herself, blending electronics with her core indie rock sound, meticulously shaping the songs at studios in Los Angeles, Miami, Paris and at a rented house in Malibu.

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“The next thing was putting tendons on it and muscle, skin, filling it with blood. This sounds like old Cat Power.’ It really broke my heart and I packed everything up and I didn’t work for eight months.”When she eventually returned to the studio, Marshall decided to “put my guitars over there and I didn’t look at the piano.Chan Marshall, better known to indie rock fans as Cat Power, has had enough of talking about herself, about her songs and being on the road, so sitting for one more interview isn’t going to be easy.Still, in the kitchen of her rented cottage at the Chateau Marmont on the Sunset Strip, Marshall tried to be a warm host, offering a drink or dinner from room service. I’m stressed out.”Marshall (whose first name rhymes with “Shawn”) just released her first album of original material in more than six years, “Sun.” She’s in California to try her hand at directing her own video in the desert “because I don’t trust anybody to do it,” she says.I spent a lot of my life being afraid of things that did and didn’t exist.I realized how foolish I was – now I’m not afraid.” I see you, kid, alone in your room I see you, kid, you got the weight on your mind I see you’re just trying to get by But your world is just beginning And I know this life seems never-ending It’s up to you, it’s up to you, you know It’s only time, and it ain’t’ got nothing on you It’s nothing but time, and it ain’t got nothing on you Never give away, never give away your body Never, never give away your friends Never, never give away what you always wanted Never, never ever give in They wanna live and be somebody They want to give and be wanted They want to forgive and not be forgotten They want to reach the end They want to live Their way of living, their way of living They want to live Their way of living You want to live – my way of living You want to live – my way of living You want to live – I want to live You ain’t got nothing but time And it ain’t got nothing on you Your world is just beginning It’s up to you to be a superhero It’s up to you to be like nobody Cat Power went on tour, but once again her health turned sour. On July 2nd, 2013, she appeared on the Paradiso, Amsterdam stage. On top of that, it was not enjoyable to watch either.

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