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She gets injured while 'moshing' (Simon pushed her over, but he never admits it) and ends up feeling faint and queasy - telling Simon she is going to be sick - due to concussion and the drugs.While Simon is tending to her, she leans in for a kiss, but, as she does so, she vomits violently over herself, Simon, their shoes and the floor.The sort of friend that in later life you look back on and think 'why did I hang around with him? A potty-mouthed, verbal bully, Jay is constantly lying about his sexual conquests and daring feats.Even though there's a disturbing lack of evidence to back up his astounding claims, Simon and Neil rarely pick Jay up on these fantasies.

The 33-year-old actor is said to have recently got down on one knee and presented his 29-year-old girlfriend with a ring.

In fact, many of her male fans want to date and marry her; however, she has already chosen her man for the rest of her life. However, before meeting her partner she was in a relationship with Dougie Poynter for two years from Looking closely through her flourishing career we can assume she will surely heighten her fortune in upcoming days.

The duo shares a healthy and a romantic relationship and free from rumors of a breakup.

Ever the enthusiast, Will intends to make the best of a bad fist. Despite the twin handicaps of being the new kid and being a bit posh, through dogged determination (and a bit of stalking) Will eventually makes friends with Simon, Jay and Neil, who if anything are a little more tragic than him. Unfortunately, Will also makes enemies in Mr Gilbert, his psychotic head of year, and Mark Donovan, the sixth form nutter. Despite being coerced into looking after Will when he first arrived at school, Simon has warmed to him - mainly because he's the only kid in school who doesn't call him 'boner', a name he earned after developing an unwanted erection in the sixth form common room.

His efforts are immediately scuppered by the head of sixth who makes him wear a bright green badge that proclaims "Hi I'm Will. He sees Will as more on his level than his other mates.

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