How to win the dating game

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Then like a game of go-fish you match up your similarities with the other person.

Ladies, this is where you take the lead because chances are you are both interested in sex. But, if you plan to fake it until you make it, you might make it fake. You found someone who likes you and whose company you really enjoy. Know that you will not have all the answers and that is okay.

So, when you break the ice do so by being inquisitive. Women, the burden of ice-breaking weighs heavier on those assuming the masculine role. You can rock your yoga pants and sports bra and feel great. If you’ve got great lips, cover them in red lipstick.

So, if you are a masculine female, then follow the instructions above. If you have massive and juicy hips, wrap them in great fitting jeans.

If you are looking to get laid, a bar is a great place to go or continue to online date.

If you are looking for a companion, stick to events that occur between the hours of seven in the morning to ten at night. Third, much like cold-calling, you initiate on the spot where you are. Break the ice by asking if the coffee she is drinking is good, ask how to get somewhere, or ask where she got her purse because you are looking for a present for your sister. Use what is going on in the moment to formulate your question.

The natural order of things dictates that sex happens when the woman allows it to or when both parties agree to consensually engage in orgasm making. Decide your deal breakers ahead of time and write them down because there is nothing like the lure of pussy or dick to cloud your judgment. Now you have to ask yourself, “How long do I want to enjoy this person for and if I stop enjoying them do I have enough trust in the relationship to stick with it? No one is going to be all in one-hundred present of the time. Be understanding of your shortcomings so that you don’t project them into your environment or onto your partner. Second, winning is a balance between maintaining your focus and letting go of control.

Men you have a trump card as well called defining the relationship. ” “Where can I find the relationship that is going to alleviate all the suffering I am feeling from being single and make my life better; where the f**k is it?! It is between the intersection of giving up the goods and getting the commitment. But, if you both are into each other enough to want to “see where this goes”, then it is time to lock it down. Look up the serenity prayer and read its message until it resonates in your bones.

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Keep’em interested After the first date is locked-in and completed, the assessment period begins.

The first months of dating are all about data collection.

It is about discovering similarities and differences.

The whole process of dating can be really exciting.

It’s very rare in life that you spend a few hours in one-on-one conversation with a stranger.

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