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Terri Seymour is apparently Simon Cowell's long-term girlfriend, and every couple of weeks there's a story in the papers about how Simon Cowell's uncontrollable flirting makes Terri all angry.Leaving aside the fact that we can't help feeling that Simon Cowell even having a long-term girlfriend in the first place is unexplainably creepy enough, what are the chances of Simon Cowell ditching Terri for fellow , seemingly so he can just make jokes about how rarely she wears underwear, and we all know how much Paula Abdul allegedly likes to get it on with people she works with. If Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul start dating soon, our creepometer will explode – it'd be like watching a slimy male nurse at a mental home take one of his cackling female patients out behind a bush for some hot love. Current X Factor betting odds – 16/1 Next week – Simon Cowell to burst uncontrollably into tears like a girl?In his responding email, the buyer explained: "I'm a collector of broken laser pointers." The frequently repeated story that e Bay was founded to help Omidyar's fiancée trade Pez candy dispensers was fabricated by a public relations manager, Mary Lou Song, in 1997 to interest the media, which were not interested in the company's previous explanation about wanting to create a "perfect market".… Last year we thought we'd seen the worst of it when Louis Walsh flounced off like a nancy, but this year looks just as bad, as you'll see tomorrow when a load of Simon Cowell to dump Terri Seymour and publicly start dating Paula Abdul in 2006 – Terri Seymour is one of those people who, if you read tabloids enough, only gets referred to as Long-Suffering Terri Seymour.

In 1995, through his persistence, he persuaded two actors, Robson Green and Jerome Flynn from the UK television drama series Soldier Soldier, to sign with him and record the song "Unchained Melody", which they had performed on the show.; born 7 October 1959) is an English television music and talent show judge, businessman, A&R executive, talent manager, television producer, and entrepreneur.He has judged on the British TV talent competition series Pop Idol, The X Factor and Britain's Got Talent, and the American TV talent competition shows American Idol, The X Factor and America's Got Talent.Cowell is the principal, founder and chief executive of the British entertainment company Syco.Cowell often makes blunt and controversial comments as a television show judge, including insults and wisecracks about contestants and their singing abilities.

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