Is tony stewart dating tara again

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Tony arrives and faces Charlie head-on in hand-to-hand combat.Jason tries to assist but Tony is killed when Charlie tears out the skin on his neck.

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Meredith manages to hide Charlie before being caught, interrogated and beaten to death by the locals while Charlie watches. The next day, desperate to find the farm, Jason calls their boxer friend Tony Stewart (Kane Hodder) for directions. Arriving at the gate to the property, they decide to walk to the farmhouse.

Friends Jason (Dean Kirkright) and Mick (Sam Coward) aka Donkey, plot a road trip to "Charlie's Farm" which is believed to be haunted.

The two persuade Jason's girlfriend Natasha (Tara Reid), to call her best friend Melanie (Allira Jaques) to come with them, without informing them about the history of the site.

At a campfire, Melanie and Natasha confront the two and Mick eventually tells them the story of Charlie's Farm: In the 1980s, John Wilson (Bill Moseley) and his wife Meredith (Trudi Ross) are farmers, murderers and cannibals.

The local townspeople, led by Blue, confront the couple over a slew of missing backpackers, which included Amber (Madeleine Kennedy), whom the two had just murdered and eaten.

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