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Although more free online agencies are available, many users opt to pay for a match with a mate while screening out potential predators.There is a plethora of agencies to fill almost every need.It's a rare business model that has continuous consumer usage and interaction between customers and online communities.It is estimated that this industry is worth 7 million, with about 40 million users.The premium dating sites (, e, have a special pre-screening and sorting function that match date seekers based on psychological profiles.Matches are created among people with similar values, tastes, desires, political views, religious tolerance and dislikes.

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Online dating agencies are an Internet business that reaps large profits.

The fees associated with online dating agencies are far less than paying for drinks and meals.

They range from free to a month for membership.

This makes dealing with rejection (whether giving or receiving) a little easier.

Some may prefer that it be done this way before emotions get involved over an expensive steak dinner.

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