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"She comes from the real world, and she has always been able to tap into 'the country class,' " as opposed to the ruling class.Part of that, Matalin says, flows from Conway's "decades of insightful polling." And then there's her unflappability.Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, who views Conway as no less objectionable than the widely excoriated White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, has her own analogy: "Conway is to oppressing women what Bannon is to white supremacists." Conway arrives with her fingers and toes polished, but not her face and hair, so in a bathroom off a guest bedroom, she is awaited by Fouzia Fanane, a Moroccan-born Fox News makeup artist who has known Conway for 20 years and who schlepped over from Queens in the snow to do her up for tonight.Asked whether she'd be willing to make this trip for other TV talkers, Fanane offers no comment beyond a little, sarcastic snort. She lights the room, I swear." "I am getting up in the morning to do CNN and Just three weeks after Trump's inauguration, that good time is a distant memory. It's a borderline-blizzardy Saturday night in the posh New York suburb of Alpine, New Jersey, but when Conway arrives at a chandelier-lit mansion a quarter mile from her own Alpine spread, she appears as hermetically protected from the effects of ice and snow as she always appears unfazed by the rage and derision that come at her nonstop in her capacity as Donald Trump's most recognizable emissary to the world.Conway glides in and slides out of animal-print snow boots and a glamorous, casually belted fur coat.

Even after she'd helped pull off one of the greatest upsets in American political history, journalists and pundits shrink-wrapped her significance.Whether that thrills you or terrifies you, she is now the most powerful woman in Washington.To a degree that has yet to be sufficiently appreciated, the Trump campaign was actually a merger.But the national awe at her marvels of mendacity only distracts from the real Conway story: her extraordinary influence, and the personal and ideological ties that hold it steady through all storms. He and Conway bonded when she joined his campaign and demonstrated a serious knack for all three.(The two first became friendly years ago, when Conway and her husband lived in one of Trump's buildings in Manhattan.) She has a so-far symbiotic partnership with Bannon, whom she says she's known "a few years." She has a much closer and longer-standing bond with Vice President Mike Pence and is equally tight with the media-shy Mercer family, who've been bankrolling the Trump-Pence agenda since well before the hyphenate "Trump-Pence" existed.

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