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Instead of challenging each other as they do on the TV show, the pair instead performed a satirical act of their relationship as two bitter men wishing for a return to their glory days.While Hotz and Rice appeared nostalgic for their past fame and fortune, the two nonetheless descended into typical bickering, mixed with audience interaction, clips intended to shock, and even a public humiliation for old time’s sake.The series centered on Hotz and friend Spencer Rice as they competed against each other in competitions, the loser of which would perform a "humiliation". According to Jenny Jay, "The pair began the show by telling the audience about their roots and the premise of how the show began, which kick-started the slew of uncut footage that never aired ...The show was embroiled in a deliberate controversy with the British Columbia Human Rights Commission for Hotz's actions in the episode Who Can Piss Off More People, where he paid to have a plane fly over Toronto dragging a banner that reads "Jesus Sucks". Part of this tour included the Canadian national Kenny vs. In between showing the video footage, Kenny and Spenny displayed their genuine distrust and dislike for each other through their constant, bitter bickering ...Our ancestors like Joe Hill, Mother Jones, the coal miners of Blair Mountain and Matewan, set in motion the labor movements in Appalachia. Canadian comedians and (ex) best friends revel in conflict Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice have mobilized and brought their hit show Kenny vs. Spenny on the Road,” making a stop at the River Run Centre on Jan 21.They stated that they first came across the show while staying up late finishing their movie Team America: World Police, when they viewed the episode Who can stay awake the longest? The show's title came from the name of the testing facility where both main characters worked: Testico.

This exclusivity may be a plus for the fans, but it greatly weakened the performance for the whole audience.

Tom Shales of the Washington Post said of the show upon its debut, "the comedy doesn't push boundaries so much as trounce and trash them.

Even the show's title is a trifle problematical for a family newspaper.

Spenny show was broadcast in over 25 different countries and licensed globally, with remakes including Cenk vs. Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of South Park, joined to help produce future episodes of Kenny vs.

Spenny in the fall of 2007, when the show began airing on Comedy Central becoming executive producers.

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