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I swear I don't know if it's just the idiots I live around but when they see two light skin people dating they say they look like siblings. If anything, it gives us more access and visibility. Rejecting guys for that reason alone made life a lot easier for me, but being put in that position was incredibly tiresome.So dear guys on dark dance floors approaching dark women with this BS: Black is beautiful. Too $hort is playing, and you're in my twerking space.It doesn't need qualifiers like a grandmother from Barbados or a Spanish accent to be worthy. As the daughter of a mother who is dark-skinned I have seen this first hand.The one benefit of the colorist remarks I heard over the years was that they always served as a clear indicator of the men who were not worth my time.Fast forward to years later and I've traded in southern clubs for casual, quaint Brooklyn bars.The guys are equally degreed and are now introducing themselves with professions like sales, music engineering, real estate, and I own a tech start-up.

It didn't affect how I dressed or whether or not I wore makeup, and it certainly never stopped me from dancing the night away to the Top 40 playlists or my favorite southern ratchet hip-hop records.

Maybe with an exoticism he can explain to his parents and friends.

God forbid he be attracted to a woman with no second language, nappy hair, and dark skin who was born in North Carolina to a country family of nurses and gardeners and cooks and handymen and sharecroppers.

There to be something else in your cultural background to help them rationalize the attraction they feel toward you, despite those stereotypes about African-American people. It's evidenced by his refusal to accept that I am "just black" and wanting to pry some faux-information about me being from elsewhere.

It all tumbles out on the dance floor."I'm black" is usually my first answer when I'm asked, despite looking it, obviously."But you're so pretty though. " is usually what they counter with."North Carolina.""No, but what country are you from originally? This racial background interview conducted to the tunes of French Montana or some '90s throwback is annoying.

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