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You are totally in control of who sees and is informed of your location.

Users can set up location groups too, so that families, for example, can always know where one another is and send messages.

Even if you are at home, you can talk with other Yakkers and find out what is going on, what events and situations they are talking about, and join in. The geo-location aspect comes in like this: The customer places an order online; the retailer fills that order; the retailer is then alerted when the customer is pulling up and an employee carries the order out to the customer. A user can post his or her life as it happens and share it publicly with all other users or just with select friends.

The app virtually eliminates the need to text or call.

The “location” aspect of this app is that a user can choose from optional routes and can even find fitness centers and tips for running routes in numerous cities in the U. When you want to disclose your location to friends, family, or business associates, you can do so.

Map My Fitness This is certainly a fitness app, by which a user can track their physical activity, keep a log of food intake, and connect with friend to give and get support and encouragement. Glympse Here is an app for both personal and business use.This was a natural outgrowth of the technology, because users want more than just directions and restaurants, and they want information on the go.Ideas to create a location based app for such things as ATM’s, finding one’s car in a parking lot, movies and concerts, fitness centers or jogging paths – the possibilities are endless – are generated every day.This app is a marketplace that connects individuals and businesses that need tasks with people who are close by who can perform those tasks.The registered “taskers” are fully covered by the app owners’ million insurance policy.

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