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Please read testimonials given by clients Diana has worked with on The Alexander Technique, Body Talk Evaluation, Presentation Skills and Training.I was highly recommended to see Diana by one of my patients.

I have been regularly attending Diana's Alexander Technique and Body Language lessons for the last two years.You come away from each session uplifted and motivated I was one of Diana's first pupils and in my first session she put me into a different posture with my scarcely feeling her touch.� For five days I was not slumping.I was sitting up straight with my head in the air in a conscious but relaxed manner.� Many people noticed and asked me what I had done. Now, as I am travelling so much, whenever I am in London I go to see Diana for realignment.My neck pain and lower back pain issue has improved a lot after the first consultation with her.She can clearly demonstrate and explain how to achieve and maintain a proper posture on my own body.

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