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Dahl posted details on his Web site, information that had been taken down by Wednesday afternoon." - "Bowen said the dating game was conceived by Peterson and Brodsky during an "interesting and unusual morning on Jack FM." "Steve never intended on doing this promotion or any promotion that would put his listeners in harm's way," said Bowen.""Peterson, who was bounced from a dating game-style appearance on Dahl's radio show, said a newer Oldsmobile carrying two women and a man pulled up to his house. I don't know if you got my last letter but I'm interested in you and I keep hearing you say your [sic] looking for a date [smiling face].Sorry you have to go through all this hope to hear from you soon [heart] Ashley.""It's just one of many," he said.



"If she wants to go out for drinks, give me a call," Peterson said.""Remember Joel saying yesterday that he spoke with Drew about the 2 sex dating sites that I posted on this blog and Joel said that according to Drew they are not his ?

"Whatever happens between me and Drew happens between me and Drew, and if it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen," she said.""Drew Peterson says he is ready for divorce No. "Yeah, but I don't think I can for a year or so," Peterson said of his plans to split up with his wife, Stacy, who vanished more than three months ago." - "She ran off with another guy," Peterson said.

"It's that simple." Peterson already has an attorney representing him while he is under suspicion in his wife's disappearance.

" Brodsky surprised Dahl by calling in to Wednesday's show.

After a general on-air discussion with Dahl and Peterson about the case, Brodsky suggested Dahl host an on-air Drew Peterson dating contest after Peterson said, "The ladies are coming back around." Dahl agreed, saying he would line up some willing women. And this time, Ashley included a phone number." - "The note said, "Drew, Hi.

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