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It starts with acknowledging and accepting that you [are] physically apart and how it [affects] you, your partner and the relationship.” The second most important rule in a long-distance relationship is to be honest. You might not believe it, but the moment you start lying, your partner will start to feel that something is wrong.No matter how good of a liar you are, you can never completely hide when something is up.Little rifts or confusions that could be patched with a kiss or a hand laid on an arm can grow needlessly in long-distance relationships, and they take much more time and effort to heal from afar.” This means sharing hobbies and “likes” with each other—your favorite movies, shows, books, music, and more.

The pain, struggle, and yearning will all start to feel pointless after a while, especially if you don’t know what your end goal might be.Is your love strong enough to survive the distance and the time?If it is, then you might be rewarded with the best relationship you will ever have in your life.Keep up to date with each other on your latest musings.The biggest danger to a long-distance relationship is a lack of contact, which can cause the spark to start drifting away.

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