Lost power when updating bios

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Select the menu option directly for an immediate update from media (see below).

Alternatively, select "BIOS Setup (F10)" or reboot and press F10 to access the BIOS Setup utility.

To do this, insert the device and take note of the assigned drive letter.

Copy and the associated BIOS binary file to the root of the drive indicated by the drive letter, or a folder on that drive.

I work for a large company and this is happening across several different sites.

lost power when updating bios-18

lost power when updating bios-73

However the target systems may also use the Internet to search for and apply the latest system BIOS updates.HPBIOSUPDREC can then be executed from its location on the USB device.If the system has a BIOS Setup password enabled, then HPBIOSUPDREC will prompt for the password to be entered before completing the flash process.For more information, view , both located in the HPBIOSUPDREC folder.If you wish to update your BIOS using HPBIOSUPDREC, click the link below.

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