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Standing at the mirror, Sandy brushed back the stray hair from her face. Her friends told her she could pass for 40, but she knew they were just being nice.Then she stepped closer and frowned at the reflection looking back at her. The mirror didn't lie, and it was telling her she looked every one of her fifty-one years.That may be, but did it hurt to at least see what he had to say in person? If she had liked his company and accepted him then, was there really a reason for her to find any fault with him now? It wasn't like they were going to run off and get married or jump into a deep and meaningful relationship. She was only looking for friendship and a date or two, just something to ease the loneliness.It wasn't like she had any other plans for the day. Did it really matter if he was thirty-five or sixty-five? " "Oh, just get in your truck and follow me." "What if I'm a psycho rapist killer?Jack had been her rock, her security, her first love, but he was gone now.That didn't mean her life was over, only that that book was finished.When Kylie first suggested she get a computer she had bucked at the idea.

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In truth, there were several nights she cried herself to sleep, her body sore from shaking so badly.Picking up her purse from the table near the front door, she left the house and went out to her car.She was meeting Mark in a half hour at the little diner just off the interstate. She knew every one of them would have discouraged her from meeting him, and perhaps their reasons would hold merit, but she knew if she didn't, it would be a regret she'd harbor forever.They e-mailed each other nearly every day, and talked on a messenger service daily; it was almost like having them with her. "I know it shouldn't, it's the twenty-first century and it's supposed to be fine and dandy for an older woman to be with a younger man, but..." "It's okay.Oddly enough, she first met Mark while she was playing cards online with Kylie one night a month ago. This man was someone she would expect Kylie or Kara to bring home, not someone she should be sitting with, someone she had fantasized about once or twice alone in her room. We'll have lunch, I'll go home, and I'll leave you alone. I love your sense of humor, your outlook on life, and you're just so damned pretty!

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