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Moreover, what happened to the giant engagement ring on Sharapova’s left hand?

According to the sharp eye of our reader Katrin, who pitched me to dig into this issue, the ring has been missing since about the start of the summer.

EARLY in her career, Sharapova was rumoured to have had a short relationship with the Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine after they met at her 18th birthday party.

The fling resulted in a lawsuit from the pop star, who successfully sued a Russian publication who claimed that he'd broke things off because of criticisms about Sharapova's sexual performance.

ANOTHER fellow tennis player, Grigor Dimitrov and Sharapova got together after he saw her playing in 2013 - and 'decided to email her right away'.

The Bulgarian had formerly been with Maria's on-court nemesis Serena Williams, who refused to make a comment about the pair whilst they were together.

I spend as little time in the locker room as I can get away with, because I’ve set up another life. And the less time I spend there, the more energy I have for them.

The question is, could they be hiding the split, postponing the worse, or they are just private and relaxed about their wedding plans?

First of all, no recent sightings of the couple have reached the media, while before, every now and then there was some story about them.

But after another painful Wimbledon defeat in 2015, ironically to Williams, the pair called it quits and went their separate ways - and Sharapova hasn't had a long-term relationship since.

In March 2018, the pair were snapped holding hands as they went on a date to an art gallery in Beverley Hills.

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