Men and dating after divorce

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In some states, if you pay to your ex directly and she decides not to acknowledge the payment as support, you still owe the support and could end up paying twice.

To avoid this kind of problem, utilize state-run agencies or a third-party that can help keep track of your payments.

It can be tempting now that you are newly single to pick up right where you left off when you decided to settle down with your ex.

What many men find, however, is that casual dating isn’t nearly as fulfilling as they had built it up to be in their head.

Failure to follow the orders set about by your decree is contempt, and you could find yourself back in court.

It is easiest to simply abide by the orders laid out in your decree (even if you disagree with them), or if there is a big enough issue, file an appeal or motion to modify.

This comes with its own set of challenges, but you also need to keep in mind some aspects of the divorce can come back to haunt you.

Despite finally being over, there may be things that need to be addressed months, or even years down the road.

Sorry men (of which I am one) but women move forward more quickly after divorce.

Men often take the divorce much harder than women do, and for many men, their ex-wife was the one person they had always trusted to fall back on for support.

Without someone to trust, men often try to deal with their problems alone, pushing away from others who may try to help.

Whether they were married 8 months or 8 years, they tend to board the fast train to getting on with life with nary a tear to shed.

Men spend less time dwelling on what happened and can move forward with dating and getting back into the work game fairly easily when compared to women.

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