Mennonite rules on dating

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So if Amish women do not use buttons or zippers how do their dresses stay on? While men are allowed a few top buttons on shirts and pants with suspenders to hold up their pants, women’s work in getting dressed is a bit more complicated.

Of course, it is because women, according to the Bible, are destined to suffer!

The Amish community has been gaining a lot of popularity over the past decade. With others gives us a glimpse of how Amish young adults enter and try to adapt to the modern way of life.

Some depict the authentic lifestyle of the Amish community –revealing how they manage a simple life in the height of the technological age.

This doesn’t just show shoulder, this shows cleavage and then some. We can do and wear whatever we want in modern society but unfortunately, Amish women don't get the same privileges. Wearing a capped sleeve blouse would be scandalous for them.

Women of the modern age don’t realize how much skin we actually show. To avoid provocative looks, they wear their sleeves all the way down to the elbow.

It seems that there is no way around these rules as to go against or question them would be to question God’s law, according to the Amish.

Showing knees leads men to fantasize about where those knees lead and that is not something the Amish community allegedly wants to endorse. Our most authentic self is the one that doesn’t care about hair, nails, fashion, or makeup. Again, zero make-up, not even on holidays, special occasions, or weddings. Whatever rule that Amish women must uphold, there is a Bible verse or chapter there to back it up.

And of course, as with any religious sect, the women allegedly get the brunt of the deal.

Women have to strictly adhere to a set of rules that stem straight from Biblical texts.

Showing off is not acceptable in the Amish community. So putting on jewelry of any sort is both a way to get attention and tell others that you have something that maybe they can’t afford. And one thing that it says time and time again is that women are the weaker gender.

While it’s highly unlikely that the Amish would have enough money to spend on gold or pearls, the real truth is that their modesty wouldn’t permit them. Or they did fix-it-yourself, handy work around the house or repaired cars and electronics. Stepping into their world is like getting a glimpse of what our grandmothers went through. Men are the head of the household and women were created to help them, to stand behind them and not next to them.

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