Morans painting dating 1905

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Assuming an official posture of encyclopaedic investigation and selective assimilation of Western culture and technology in the late 19th century, the Japanese cultural mainstream was systematically infused with the classical forms of Western painting, sculpture, and architecture.

In the first several decades of the Meiji period, there was an upheaval in patronage and in the status of the traditional Japanese artist.

He also painted in Normandy, including Midday Rest (1879) and An Apple Gathering (1880).

Although an excellent portrait artist, Morgan had problems in depicting pets and barnyard animals - he enlisted the aid of either Arthur John Elsley or Allen Sealey (1850–1927) when such problems needed resolving.

He is known mostly for his romantic and sentimental paintings of children in the same style as his contemporary Arthur John Elsley.

His paintings achieved great popularity in his lifetime and were widely published.

Frederick Morgan married twice more, producing two children from the second marriage.Modernity for Japan has been a process of seeking definition in its cultural and political relationships with other nations, both Asian and Western.Japan’s official intentions toward the West during the Meiji period can be described as a calculated attempt to achieve Western industrial standards and to absorb Western culture at every possible level.Victorious in both these conflicts, Japan proved its ability to gear its newly established industrial base to the achievement of foreign expansionist goals.In 1910 Japan officially annexed Korea, a process it had begun in 1905 when it assumed a protectorate status over the peninsular nation.

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