Naked kayakers

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It took them 27 hours and 12 minutes from start to finish, making them the first documented single kayakers to ever do so.

And on Wednesday – the one-year anniversary of their journey – the team has released their short film documenting the whole endeavor: “The Crossing.” “The goal of this project was to better understand and empathize with the thousands of refugees and migrants who have made a human-powered journey in the hopes of changing their situations,” says Cochrane, executive producer and kayaker.

Here's our very own naked kayaker, never mind the fact that its still winter and the weather is not condusive to topless paddling, nothing stops him.

Not even the admiration of fellow kayakers and passers by.

I want to try kayaking in the nude but don't have a kayak. I will be camping in George Washington park from 4/20 - 4/27.

Last year, American paddlers Andy Cochrane, Wyatt Roscoe and Luke Walker had an idea: to paddle 120 miles from Havana, Cuba to Key West, Florida.

For the record, I'm not what one would call a nudist. There's a sense of freedom one gets plunging into a cold lake in early morning without the aid of swim trunks.

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The attractive camp councilor called the girls off, and as they paddled across the lake I could hear their laughing and giggling echo across the water.A second later I heard a giggle from below and one of six girls from a canoe camp that was paddling by yelled out "Hey, there's a naked man up there! The camp leader saw me topple down the rock and gave a command to paddle into my camp to administer first-aid.She was a gorgeous blonde clad in a tan bikini and, if I wasn't stark naked, I would have definitely wanted treatment from her.And it was the act of bathing nude that actually started my writing career.I was on a solo canoe trip in northern Ontario, Killarney Park to be exact, and after a long day of paddling and portaging I thought a swim was in order.

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