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I thought she'd just fob me off and stop replying, which is what used to happen to me all the time, but instead she kept coming back as I kept on teasing her. I started recognising when I was acting needy towards women, and stopped doing that.I started joking around more than I ever had with women. Gradually I even learned to make myself happy without relying on a woman's approval.Part of me wishes I could be the same, and it's a big part.I want my share of the action too, but my scruples keep getting in the way. Maybe the women these guys seduce really want to be seduced after all, and my nice-guy I-wouldn't-ever-do-that shield is just a way of avoiding the potential pain of rejection.The late 90s proved to be a busy period in the life of Ross Jefferies. Jeffries met Neil Strauss in Strauss went on to write two bestselling books about seduction in the mid noughties, often using the possibly self-proclaimed title of the greatest pickup artist of all time.It bought the PUA community out from under the table and put it on top of the table.

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The man who turns wimps and geeks into supercharged macho studs. A series of TV appearances and worldwide exposure followed, leading to a surge in the sales of his audio tapes and workshops.

At first I didn't want to believe that the less “nice” I was to a woman, the more she would engage with me.

I started “neging” via SMS a much younger girl who I was interested in, and couldn't believe that she kept responding to me.

An introverted writer goes to meet the world's greatest pick-up artists in order to write a book about their craft. He learns to seduce women by putting on a façade and using a bunch of routines with every word and move scripted. In the process, he develops the confidence to attract a woman who actually likes him for who he is, rather than for the pick-up persona he pretends to be. Shortly after reading it I started changing the way I related to women and began using some of the techniques it describes.

I was quite shocked at the positive way in which women responded.

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