New ideas for updating the network architecture department

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The smartest companies embrace a process for evaluating their technology goals and requirements before implementation.

Your first step is to conduct an IT/network audit to document the technologies you already have in place and how they match your goals.

You'll need to be somewhat tech-savvy to take care of these upgrades yourself--or have access to a tech savvy employee or friend.

Here are some of the most effective and least expensive items you may want to buy to bring your older computers back up to speed: The bottom line is that even with computer prices dropping, the more you can do to upgrade your existing machines, the more money you're going to save until you're ready to purchase the new machines.

These firms often exceed the expectations of customers, business partners and employees.

If you expect your call volume to surge sharply--perhaps because of an upcoming new product launch or seasonal buying--you may want to upgrade your phone system before trouble starts, making sure you have enough time to implement a new system, train employees and work out all the bugs.

High-end copiers can cost more than a whole office full of computers.

Today's models are increasingly interchangeable with printers, thanks to the new generation of digital, network-ready copiers.

Some late-model digital copiers will also scan documents and send faxes.

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