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In addition to demystifying online dating as a concept, part of the demand for this type of programming comes from difficulties some older singles encounter when trying to set up a personal profile or download an app.

“The tech-knowledge gap is significant in this population,” explains Zsasha Cubero, former technology support specialist at the Westport Library in Westport, Conn.

An increasing number of local libraries serve as portals to the dating world, both in-person and virtually, through online dating workshops and ongoing personal and tech support.

This story is another in our six-part series called “Dating After 50” and we will be featuring more pieces on subjects relative to dating and relationships throughout the summer.

For single older adults today, some libraries offer far more than books as windows into the soul.

With the advent of swinger social network and other adult swinger websites, these magazines are now an anachronism.

Specialized magazines also existed for those with specific sexual preferences, such as those seeking BDSM encounters, or the services of professional dominants or submissives.

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