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Liquidating Your Business So just what is the liquidation option?It is the direct conversion of assets to cash by selling them to a user/consumer.Receivables Control offers professional credit strategies and support to businesses in need of liquidation services.

As with any method of exiting from your business, a liquidation should be approached with professional assistance and some important guidelines.There are generally three categories of business that will liquidate assets: Liquidating retail inventory is challenging.The entire or majority of the owner's lifetime savings may be tied up in the inventory, and converting this inventory to cash is critical to the owner's financial future.And even if you were near or at insolvency, you'd probably find it preferable to liquidate your assets and negotiate amounts owed to your creditors, while at the same time avoiding the stigma of bankruptcy.And finally, you have come to realize that selling a business with significant assets is much easier said than done. Most with the required assets and credit lines required to buy your business will not want to invest for the same reasons your heirs have declined the opportunity.

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