Outlook 2016 updating address book hangs

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So, first, check to see where the mailbox is: Which gives us this result: Then we can check and the database is mounted: Next we can try to update the files for the OAB.

Check the OAB file location to confirm the dates on the files: The we can run this command (assuming you have one OAB): In the case of my client, the files never changed.

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l’m always a little nervous to follow the recommendation of some web site that tells me to add permissions.You may know Outlook will save offline address books of Exchange account automatically, but do you know which folder the offline address books are saved in?In this article, I will guide to find out Outlook’s offline address book files’ location at ease.In Exchange Server 2013, these files are located in the %Exchange Install%\Logging\OABDownload directory.Open up the latest log file in the directory and see what errors are being reported by the client.

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