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That I was literally half his age was a big turn on for both of us. That is, till we went to Chicago for the pride parade and I pointed out one of the older muscle leather dads. I thought you wanted me to stay hairy." I blushed a little, uncharacteristically. I mean I did." I ran my fingers along his chest and cupped his hard pecs. "Why don't you eat your daddy's smooth hole, Junior? My stomach sank as I imagined him and Mac and Gleason laughing about it over lunch, him giving them every nasty fucking detail while I was in the can. "Here, Marshall, let me get you a beer." That goofy grin of his returned, cautiously. Maybe we could get a hotel room." I patted him on the shoulder. "Yeah, I'd like that Marshall." graybeards: I forced one foot in front of the other, hesitantly stepping through the slightly open bathroom door that I'd been leering through for years.

But now it's gotten to the point where the knowledge I'm about to sperm all over his studly face makes me nut even harder.

Coach T told me not to take any pictures, but damn, it was just too hot watching Dad penetrate him, slowly and deeply, that I knew I had to have a memento.

Now we were both in our final year of med school, and my boy was packing on some serious beef.

He'd asked me to help him start working out in the gym back during senior year: initially, I was skeptical.

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