Piolo pascual dating

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In the option below include Shaina Magdayao and Kc Conception.

Shaina Magdayao has asked for calm after Piolo Pascual revealed that they have been "exclusively dating" for five years now, downplaying it by saying that she doesn't want to label their relationship.

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Piolo Pascual (Born Piolo Jose Nonato Pascual) is a Filipino actor, model, and producer.

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"We have become very special to each other, even his whole family has become dear to me." "Just for the record, he is free to date anyone he wants, the same way I'm free to date anyone I want," she continued.

She said that if she will have a boyfriend, that means he’s probably the one she wants to marry and while she waits for that to happen, she’ll focus on work.

Let that sink in for Valentine’s Day, Piolo Pascual (who we lovingly call Papa P) is taken.

The real score between Magdayao and Piolo Pascual may be a matter up for guesswork to their fans, but in 2017, Pascual shared to Inquirer Bandera that he and Magdayao have been dating exclusively for over five years already.

Magdayao, however, stressed in past interviews that they were both free to date whoever they wished to date.

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