Polyamory married and dating theme song

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I would find myself wishing I could go home with them instead of, or perhaps in addition to, my girlfriend.

It never meant I didn’t love my partner, it just meant I was capable of more and wanted more.

My thought is that while such shows may give some context and grounding of what polyamory is to a larger audience, it also creates a stereotype with which we will be associated.

It is somewhat common, in some poly resources, to emphasize that it’s not all about the sex. Because while we do share some overlapping lifestyles with swingers, we are not swingers. And without getting all cheesy and hippy about it, the relationships we have with people around us are what are most important, and sex is often a part of that (but not always).

It’s not like we humans don’t already want the sex, we just need to do the work to be ready to do it well.

What Showtime’s series seems to leave out is the work it takes to get where those people are; it gives a glimpse of where we all could be, but not how to get there.

And those people who accept that and are honest about it often become polyamorous or swingers.

Some of them have tons of sex with lots of people, like they do in the Showtime series, and some take different routes.

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And when I have 500 lovers, my wife will leave me, knowing her turn won’t come around for a year and a half, or someshit. Relationships are work, and while I am open to having more lovers if they come around, I’m not looking.

It’s not that I don’t like seeing hot, naked people enjoying each other, it’s that in my poly life nakedness and sex are not ubiquitous, and I think that’s probably true for most polyamorous people.

But I’m not here to analyze the saturation of nakedness in mainstream portrayal of polyamory, but rather the effect that such things have on other poly people, especially those who may be thinking about coming out to their family, friends, etc.

It’s just that we have sex, with consent and knowledge of all involved, with more people rather than just go home and wish we could, like monogamous people often do.

When I was monogamous as a 20-something with a job and disposable income, I would go out with my girlfriend to meet up with male friends and their girlfriends, and everyone would flirt playfully as part of being drunk, young, and horny.

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