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That is what we used to clean the deck on our sailboat, it is NOT a disinfectant.Also, they leave one nasty rag sitting on top of each bottle all day so you're just spreading the germs from machine to machine.Like another reviewer said, they start cleaning well before closing.I was the only person in the room and that huge room, she starts vacuuming right behind me, I couldn't hear the show I was watching. I'm sure she was trying to get me to leave so they could get out of there but I stayed right until closing.

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The most challenging thing is the amount of chemical used in the pool.

The recumbent bikes - ONE of the four works at all times. Fans, doors, bathrooms - broken, broken, and not clean. No monthly email to members saying this is what's going on.

Pool is closed, new class schedule, Just a whole lot of things taped to the door or written on a blackboard.

I haven't checked out the pool yet, but am likely to once I inevitably get injured during half marathon training.

There's a sauna in each clean, pleasant locker room, and a shared hot tub for soaking your sore muscles.

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