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He was not perceived as bad or evil, but rather as a misunderstood and tragic character that can give you unlimited power. That was how I got acquainted with satanists, the people who deliberately devote their lives to serving the devil. This seemed to me a magical island where I could hide from the reality of everyday life, and feel like a full-fledged resident of this fairy-tale country. Father George: As far as I understand, the satanists, no matter what they think of satan, are somehow fixated on evil. There are also people who do not waste their energy on that, but practice various rituals and look more serious. It promotes the idea that evil is not an absolute concept. For example, “thou shall not commit adultery” is presented like a limitation of people’s freedom and natural desires.I was surprised to find out that there were several of them in my neighbourhood. Not only on profanity and blasphemy, but also on murder and suicide, for example. Their appearance may not demonstrate their affiliation with satanism. Justification can be found for anything, including evil.I got used to the fact that stories about witches, magic and demons were gradually becoming a part of my life.This became normal and I was no longer afraid of them.

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Of course, I was very curious, especially because there were spooky pictures too.Under their influence, I came to understand that you could bring certain forces into your life that may help you in some ways.In some material ways that is, starting with getting rich or doing something harmful to your enemies.You do not believe in what our ancestors believed in.” He told me, “I don’t know what I specifically believe in. What is important is how we treat them and who do we think they are.Whether or not they really exist is irrelevant.” So a neo-pagan can think that anything is divine, including the forces of this world and their own psychic forces.

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