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Even the official who had estimated Georgetown’s winning margin at thirty points was impressed. Georgetown’s victory over Princeton, of course, was by, one point — 50-49 — not thirty. This year’s team led the nation in defense, and every year, it seems, Princeton upsets a team ranked in the top twenty nationwide. An exciting, dramatic game, to be sure, but what made it so exceptional? championships, and the last four Ivy representatives in the tournament were blown out in the first round by an average of thirty-five points. think twice before dismissing Ivy basketball as uncompetitive.

Almost immediately, the Princeton-Georgetown game assumed legendary proportions, and was mentioned in the same breath as such memorable contests as the Princeton-Yale football game in 1981 and Dick Kazmaier ’52’s perfect outing against Cornell in 1951. At least part of the answer lies in the recent performances of Ivy League teams in the tournament. These gross mismatches have led some to suggest that the Ivy champion’s automatic bid to play in the tournament be canceled. As John Thompson, the Hoyas’ coach, said after the game, “I’d be a fool saying they should revoke the automatic bid after I come out of there fighting for my life.

The guy handing out press credentials in the basement of the Providence Civic Center before the Princeton-Georgetown basketball game saw “Princeton Alumni Weekly” written after my name and shook his head sympathetically. “Thirty points, at least.” The rest of my colleagues in the media were even less optimistic. None of these prognostications seemed to faze the members of the Princeton University Marching Band, who spent the hour before the tip-off serenading a boisterous St. Passersby seemed to pause and check their cups of beer — Providence’s open-beverage law was evidently suspended for the day — when the straw boaters and motley jackets of the Band hove into view.

figured that the odds were a billion to one against the Tigers’ winning the N. The Georgetown band, by contrast, was sort of sleepy.

On paper, it was no contest — Georgetown had bigger, faster, more experienced players, stars like Charles Smith, a high-scoring guard, and Alonzo Mourning, the ferocious, shot-blocking center.

On the court, Carril neutralized the Hoyas’ advantages by “spreading the floor,” with all five players on the perimeter and no one under the basket.

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