Prostitute cheaper than dating

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I believe he is analyzing a problem that doesn't exist. I thought this was familiar but the OP's article is satire based on a real article that talked about the substitution effect between whores and wives.

I remember this article created quite the ruckus and got the media hamster spinning off its wheel.

If it was published today I imagine everyone would be fired and the article censored immediately.

speaking if you're a high earning male there's no point at all in getting married.

“But the problem with girlfriends is they eventually want you to put up or shut up—that is, get married or take a hike.

So, unless you can either find one that’s willing to go the distance without marriage or you’re such a charming guy that you can always have a girl on your arm by the time the weekend rolls around, you might as well go with the paid sex.” Barnes and his team are now looking at whether it makes more sense from a woman’s happiness standpoint to marry a man or just get a lamp they can talk to when they’re not out with their girlfriends.

Four drinks for her and an appetizer, plus some choice words is all you're likely to spend WIA @Mage You can bring your cost per notch less than 200, if you don't include the time it takes to offer these chicks prime dick.

It's just way too much liability and risk involved in the U. If you just look at it from a straight economics point of view it does make more sense to just use whores.

Of course this article doesn't take into consideration game and getting it for free from willing girls who you have no obligations with.

Four drinks for her and an appetizer, plus some choice words is all you're likely to spend WIA Sure the direct costs of gaming are lower when compared to direct costs of buying prostitutes.

But the lifestyle of a player is more expensive then a lifestyle of a couch potato who pays to prostitutes and doesn't invest in himself.

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