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The judge, Nicholas Byrne, huffs in exasperation at Oliver, given the amount of damages is only 00.

“For the People” gets a few things right about the criminal justice system – the tension between public defenders and prosecutors, the immense power of the government, the difficult decisions made during plea bargaining.

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In many jurisdictions, even the most minor of cases – homeless individuals trespassing to get shelter, public urination and shoplifting candy bars – can end up with a person remaining in detention.Defendants who request appointed counsel typically must complete a short sworn statement listing their income, debts, and assets.Defendants with sufficient financial hardship will receive free legal counsel at that time and for the remainder of the case, unless their financial conditions improve significantly.The drama follows six new attorneys (three federal public defenders and three prosecutors) as they work in the “Mother Court” – the District Court for the Southern District of New York.In the first episode (mild spoiler alert ahead), public defender Allison Adams and Assistant U. Attorney Seth Oliver argue at a pretrial hearing where the defendant is not being detained.

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