Rachel and chris dating dating confidential

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They both refer to each other as "Koza," after the nun they had adopted for an after-school club was less than nice to them.Kerry and Rachel also attended The Ohio State University where they spent way too much time obsessed with the Twilight movies.He asked Rachel if she wanted to kill some time and go to the observation deck there at Summit Park.Rachel agreed (they're both terrified of heights, but Rachel can never pass up a good view), and so they walked to the other end of the park and took the elevator up to the top.While the message details weren't anything specifically remarkable, this guy made Rachel laugh (not to mention, his pictures were CUTE! They spent the next several weeks talking about everything from family, to Kentucky Basketball and Ohio State Football, to what they liked to do on weekends (I think it's safe to say we talked a lot about food..lol).Chris is a self-proclaimed "non-texter," so they spent a lot of time talking on the phone or Skype.

On Sunday morning, September 23rd, 2018 after 4 years (and 2 months and 2 days..who's counting, right!?They spent many happy hours at "The Round Table" (even before Jessica could drink) getting to know each other and listening to their coworkers hilarious stories.They instantly bonded over Subway " Footlongs, " Buffalo Chicken, and giving their boss, Mark, a hard time.Rachel met Kathleen in the Summer of 2013 through Jessica's cousin Mark.She was instantly drawn to Kathleen's warm and caring demeanor and easy-going personality.

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