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Responding to the rumour, Rainie said that she has always maintained a good relationship with Kingone."I like working with him.

We really have a lot of chemistry off-screen," the actress admitted.

Year: 2012 Episodes: 5 (10 mins) Theme Song: 王见王 (Wang Jian Wang) by Rainie and Show Story/Synopsis: Rainie Yang (Xiao Yu) plays a girl stuck in a hotel room through lies and accidents with a gay guy played by Show Luo.

Will this be fate to hearts beating a different drum or to becoming one unison heartbeat in destiny?

12 Aug – On 7 August, Taiwanese actress Rainie Yang was spotted drinking with co-star Kingone Wang at a club.It’s possible that both of them thought people in Kansai Airport is lesser, so lax preparedness, did not expect to be caught by sharp-eyed reader.Rainie Yang: Pure imagination Sunny Wang and Rainie Yang are considered to belong to the level of “strong electric discharge machine” in the entertainment world, the love affairs of both are splendid.Could it be a terrible mistake or the best thing that could have happened to them?“Drunken to Love You” is a 2011 Taiwanese drama series directed by Chen Ming Zhang, who also directed the popular drama “Fated to Love You” (2008).

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